Monday, January 9, 2023

DIY Ear Piercing Kit


We tried out this DIY ear piercing kit and want to tell you about it.

I bought this kit from Ebay having found out how expensive it is to get your ears pierced in a salon (£50 minimum it seems!). I bought a pack of 10 for £5.16. That works out at about £1 for two ears or two piercings. £1 a pair! A LOT cheaper!

Here are my step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit. 

Watch the video at the end of this post to see us in action.

Apply some cooling gel if you are really scared of the pain. We found it wasn't needed as the piercing was not painful at all. 

Wipe the ear with the alcohol cloth included in the kit.

Mark the spot for piercing with a permanent marker pen. Look from all angles but make sure you can see the dots when looking straight at the face. 

1. Remove the white plastic tab above the butterfly clip.

2. Position the piercer onto the ear and match up the point of the earring with the dot. 

3. Make sure the earlobe is not folded or wrinkled front or back.

4. Clamp down on the piercer with your weaker hand until it grips the earlobe. Higher up the earlobe, it might not grip and then you will need to be careful to not move.

5. Using your strongest hand, push the blue trigger hard until it shoots. 

6. Make sure the piercer is straight with consideration for the angle the final earring will be in the earlobe. 

7. Gently pull the piercer down and it will release itself from the earring, which will not be fitted to the ear.


We found these piercers were excellent and totally painless and they even had clear diamantes for instant sparkle! The 'bang' was no where near as jolting as in a salon. The very clever design creates this sudden shoot by pressure building and eventually pushing off tiny bits of plastic. The downsides are that it was a little tricky positioning the point and, on my ears higher up the lobe (2nd pair), the piercer couldn't close enough to grip my lobe so it hovered a bit. 

My daughter had been looking forward to getting her ears pierced for so long, so finally braving it and also trusting me to do it well was very brave of her. She loves the result and was so relieved it didn't hurt at all. Three days on and he piercings do not hurt and have not bled. The earrings are quite short with a click stop at the back to ensure the butterfly doesn't fall off, so perfect for sleeping. They are also hypoallergenic so have caused no irritation. 

    (If you do buy these kits then we might earn a tiny amount of money in referral commission 
but, rest assured, I would not be writing about them unless I was a fan.)

Watch me piercing my daughter's ears in the video below...